A Storyteller's Manual for Persuasion, Selling and Telling Stories
that Compel People Into Action


How to use storytelling to attract new customers, grow your business and sell more products

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Imagine discovering a storyteller’s manual for influencing people. Detailed
inside this ‘how to’ manifesto are all of his tried and true secrets for captivating
his audience’s attention.

He reveals his steps for how he gets them to sit on the edge of their seat filled
with anticipation … and how he overcomes skeptics and critical thinkers.
You can read his stories, in which describes exactly how he uses his storytelling
techniques to influence others to create the ‘buyers mindset’.

If you would find this manual, what would you use it for?

Would you use it to generate more sales with your home business? Or would you
use his techniques to gain popularity and influence among co-workers and friends?

However you decide to apply these storytelling strategies, there is one thing you
must know …

Everyone Can Learn the Art of Selling by Telling

Winston ScholsbergMy name is Winston Scholsberg, professional storyteller
and public speaking architect. I’ve proven countless times,
with my students that regardless of experience, talent or
even the dreaded fear of public speaking — anyone and I
really mean
anyone — can learn how to speak confidently
with impact.

I’ve taught everyone from sales professionals and entertainers, to children,
students, teachers and everything in between, including CEO’s and managers
of multinational companies.

My proven system, The WES Method® contains a step by step guide to increasing
the influence in your communication with others … Whether you’re speaking to one
person or a room filled with hundreds of people.

Developed through a process of trial and error over a period of more than twenty years,
I've has created a practical system that simply amounts to following 7 steps to
becoming a better, more influential communicator

Discover the Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is the oldest form of getting people to do what you want
whether it’s making a sale, signing someone up to your team or even asking for a raise.
It doesn’t matter what your story is, as long as you learn how to tell it right.

Thanks to what I like to call “selling by telling” I’ve landed jobs with companies and
organizations I never thought possible — for example, teaching these exact same
techniques to managers in several branches of a multinational bank …
a 3-hour training for which I charged more than $3,000 each time.

For years I’ve been giving workshops about “Storytelling as a Business Tool”,
teaching others how to use stories, confident body language and the WES Method®
to make more sales, improve leadership and increase business growth.

You Don’t Even Need to Be a
Professional Storyteller to Be Successful

Some of the best speakers and storytellers in the world have no formal speaking
background at all. I don’t … We just learned the steps and techniques that apply to
influencing others through storytelling.

If you’ve always wanted to feel confident that your prospects are receptive to your
message, then rest assured knowing that you can increase your customer base just
by learning the few powerful secrets that make selling by telling successful, which
you can apply to your specific business and skill set … without having
any prior
experience related to speaking or sales.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a storyteller, you’ve been telling stories your
whole life. Whenever you influence, or try persuade someone of something, or want to
inspire, teach or motivate an audience, you are in fact telling a story. And if you know how
to tell a story the right way, people will listen to what you have to say.

A Special Offer — $17 Can Get You Started

I’m on a mission to prove that truly anyone can use the WES Method® to become
better speakers and storytellers, no matter what they intend to use it for. So today
I’m making you a special offer to get to know the steps and techniques of the
WES Method®.

Master your Story -- Master your InfluenceFor just $17 you can get your very own copy of my
storytellers’ manual:
Master your Story, Master your Influence.

Combining personal stories, telltale ‘aha’ experiences
and the expertise I’ve gained through two decades
of trial and error, I have created a practical guide that
teaches you how be confident and authentic and how
to be able to influence others anyplace at anytime.

From mastering your non-verbal communication to
harnessing the power of charisma, you will learn how speaking confidently with
real results can achieved by following a handful of simple steps.

You will also learn my tips and techniques for influencing your audience’s state
of mind, ‘selling by telling’ and leadership skills so that regardless of the situation,
you will come out on top.

Whether you’re a manager or teacher looking to inspire productivity, an entrepreneur
aiming to make a more persuasive pitch or want to ace the job interview, Master Your Story,
Master Your Influence will help you have more personal and professional success.

An Extra Bonus — How Look Confident in 5 Easy Steps

When you order Master your Story, Master your Influence today, you will also receive
a special report How to Look Confident in 5 Easy Steps, written by the only one who has
passed the rigorous certification process so far in becoming a WES Method® instructor.

This no-nonsense report gets straight to the point and will provide with a practical
step-by-step guide to creating a confident appearance wherever you go.

You will learn:

- Body language which portrays confidence and openness, even if you are
feeling insecure or nervous.

- A simple secret to feeling more calm and decrease nervousness by
pacing your breathing.

- An easy to use technique to help you choose the state and mindset that
you more approachable and increases your level of influence.

- How to make a connection with your listener. This is the trick to making
and maintaining eye contact. (Hint: It’s much simpeler than you think)

- A simple way to overcome the most difficult part of any presentation,
speech or pitch: the beginning.

The How to Look Confident in 5 Easy Steps report is yours today free of charge
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Remember, if you stick with it, you may very well end up becoming a master
of influence and selling by telling.


Winston Scholsberg
Founder & Creator of The WES Method®

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As a 30 year officer in the U.S. Military you can imagine that I have been called upon many times to do public speaking, storytelling and other forms of communication. Whether with the media, foreign military officials or even just my family, it is important to get communication right.

Recently I needed to polish my communication skills and was encouraged to get in touch with Winston Scholsberg from Goals Academy. Winston was able to sharpen my communication skills quickly and efficiently.

His method was professional and the results were outstanding.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in public speaking contact Winston and take advantage of his expertise.

COL Mark W. Gillette, Senior Defense Official Phnom Penh., , U.S. Army
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