Public Speaking Mastery

Learn How To Overcome Fear and Speak Like a Professional

Learn the 7 simple steps I use to show confidence on stage, captivate my audience and give the winning presentation.

  • Master the skill of making a great first impression and feel confident and secure while you speak. Fear or nervousness will never be an issue again.
  • Discover easy to apply storytelling techniques that work in every situation: Be Great at Presentations, Job Interviews, Speeches and Sales Pitches.
  • You will become a better speaker or you will get your money back. The WES Method guarantees improvement.

If by applying a few simple steps you would ace your next presentation, speech or sales pitch and become a better, more confident speaker… Would you want to learn what those steps are?

Making a good first impression is crucial. Your audience, job interviewer or sales prospect will decide in moments whether or not they like you and want to hear what you have to say. Even if what you have to say is important or impressive if you don’t know how to deliver the message the right way, it will be met by deaf ears.


"Everyone can learn how to speak confidently. You can even appear confident and calm in the eyes of your audience even if you feel like a nervous wreck on the inside."

In order to be successful you need to appear confident and in control. Confidence inspires people. It encourages them into action and is a better convincer than a carefully crafted sales pitch.

Contrary to popular belief you can learn to be confident. Better still, you can actually appear confidence even if you don’t feel it yet. Your audience will compliment you on your presentation or speech. “Well done!” “You looked so confident!” “I didn’t know you had it in you!” they’ll say.

It’s as easy as following a few simple steps.

As a 30 year officer in the U.S. Military you can imagine that I have been called upon many times to do public speaking, storytelling and other forms of communication. Whether with the media, foreign military officials or even just my family, it is important to get communication right.

Recently I needed to polish my communication skills and was encouraged to get in touch with Winston Scholsberg from Goals Academy. Winston was able to sharpen my communication skills quickly and efficiently.

His method was professional and the results were outstanding.

I highly recommend that anyone interested in public speaking contact Winston and take advantage of his expertise.

COL Mark W. Gillette, Senior Defense Official Phnom Penh., U.S. Army

Speak Like A Professional Even If You’re a Beginner - The WES Method

I have met Winston on a convention in Amsterdam attending one of these workshops about Improving presentation skills with passionate storytelling. I was so enthusiastic that I decided there and then to book one of his training programs immediately.  I have really improved on my presentation skills and Winston also gave me some great tips and tricks to communicate more effectively.

This program helped me get my ultimate dream job at Unilever. I was selected out of 2000 potential candidates! One thing I’ve got to tell you, this is just the beginning, the sky is the limit!”

Machiel Monnikhof, Unilever

The WES Method

Public Speaking Mastery

Build Confidence

Whether you’re selling, presenting, teaching, negotiating or be interviewed; confidence is the key. While true confidence stems from experience and improvement over time, you can appear confident and speak confidently without actually feeling it. Soon your confidence will grow and you will feel as confident as you look.

  • Learn and apply the secrets of confident body language - Look and sound confident while you build true confidence through successful public speaking.
  • Master the first impression - Be remembered for your confidence and charisma.

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

“The only thing to fear is fear itself.” A powerful quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt given during an inspiring speech. Fear and speaking related anxiety are easily dealt with during WES Method training.  You will discover how to set fear and anxiety aside and how to feel good before, during and after you speak.

  • Learn how to use a special breathing technique to feel calm and in control in just a few minutes. You will be able to consciously choose and change your state to feel like a champion.
  • Discover the easiest way to make sure you never have difficulty starting your presentation or speech again. The start will be the easiest part!

Captivate Your Audience & Keep Them On The Edge Of Their Seat…

The internet, smartphones and tablets have made it more difficult than ever to keep people engaged and focused. Distractions are only a swipe away and the average attention span has decreased steadily. But there is a solution. With the right strategies you can engage and captivate your audience any time, any place.

  • Discover the easiest and quickest way to create a powerful connection with your listeners and use that connection to keep them focused on what you have to say.
  • Learn how to use your voice qualities to captivate your audience and draw them into your story. Keep them them engaged and following your lead.

Be Inspiring - Be a Leader

Think of the people who have inspired their audience. The speakers who made a difference. The men and women who generated change with their words. While some people are born with it, it is possible to learn and cultivate the skill of inspiring others. In order to be a leader one must speak as a leader.

  • Learn how to use the WES Method to enhance leadership skills and stand out from the crowd.
  • Outshine the competition and grow as a speaker, leader and human being.

Be More Persuasive - Improve Your Performance

Learn what truly separates the successful speakers from struggling ones aside from confidence and experience.

Because Successful speakers:

  • Have a specific goal they want to achieve.
  • Can adapt their speech/presentation/demonstration.
  • Are able to monitor their progress based on their audience’s (unconscious) feedback.

These 3 strategies are the foundation of WES Method training. Under our motto of ‘Constant Improvement’ you will experience instantly noticeable growth. Not only will you become a more proficient and confident speaker, you will also increase your level of success during speaking events.

  • Become more persuasive - Learn how to send a compelling message with verbal and nonverbal communication.

I was at one of your lectures last Wednesday in The Hague and you really inspired me! I noticed that I am more consciously doing things when teaching my class, that is truly amazing!”

Sanne Jones, Student and Teacher at Startpunt The Hague

Winston Scholsberg works very fast and efficiently and he was able to incorporate the information I gave him into his program perfectly. I felt very comfortable during his training sessions mainly because of his warm and open personality. I discovered a creative way to connect with my audience. Time flies by and after two hours I really wanted to learn more.”

El Rahmani Majoor, Deputy Brigade Commander Royal National Guard

Public Speaking Mastery

Learn How To Overcome Fear and Speak Like a Professional

Public Speaking Mastery for Beginners will change the way you experience public speaking. You will learn everything you need to know in order to become a more proficient, persuasive and successful speaker.

You will receive easy to follow, step by step instruction that can be applied immediately to improve your speaking skills today. Start now to develop and improve a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

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Winston’s coaching sessions help you develop and become more conscious of the negative thoughts and opinions which are influencing you every day. Bad experiences change your attitude and this program teaches you how to rediscover your passion. Together with Winston you will find the sore spots and learn how to deal with anger and fear to eventually effectively let go by taking control.

When you have finished these coaching sessions you are consciously shaking hands, you know how to make a good first impression and you fully aware of you appearance. This program has taught me to recognize potential conflicts during interventions and how to deal with them accordingly.”

Norma Alberg, , Coach & Supervisor at NLP

This training has helped me a lot and he has given me some great new insights on how to improve my presentation skills. I felt sorry when the program finished because there was so much more that I could’ve learned from Winston!”

Marcel Wentink, Agis Insurance Company

Winston focuses on attitude, behavior and communication skills. Students learn from each other and evaluated this program as one of the best we’ve had so far. One student stated that she now had a very clear view of the way she wanted to be teaching. She wanted to be in control and send out that energy to the group!”

Betsy Wink, Teacher & Coach PABO in Emmen

“Everyone has a story - but not everyone knows how to tell their story in the way that others truly listen.”

You may already feel comfortable speaking in front of others. You may even have already followed a course or two, so why you should you opt for the WES Method? The first reason is:

We guarantee you will improve or you will get your money back.

Many of our students are veteran speakers with years of experience who are looking for an edge of their competition. Regardless of your skill level or experience our promise is as simple as the WES Method techniques: You will notice that you are becoming a better speaker or we will refund your investment.

The second reason is that the WES Method was created through trial and error over a period of twenty years. We know what works and we know what doesn’t. Everything you will learn will be based on real world, practical experience. There is no complicated theory to understand or remember. All you need to do is follow the simple steps and let the techniques do the work for you.

The third reason is that the WES Method is unique. You don’t just learn or apply techniques. You feel them. It’s a process of instant feedback. Before you know it, you won’t be thinking about applying techniques, you’ll be speaking confidently and it will feel like it’s always been that way.

Summary of what you’ll get in this course

  • Training Video’s Lvl 1 - Learn by practicing the techniques one by one
  • Training Video’s Lvl 2 - Learn by combining the techniques
  • Demonstration Video’s - Learn by watching others do it
  • 30% Discount for 3 Personal Skype Coaching Sessions

All this now for just:


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30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you feel you are unable to improve your public speaking or none of the described techniques work for you over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

“I believe in the WES Method’s ability to take you to the next level. It’s my promise to you that when you try the techniques and apply them that you will notice the difference. If not, then I will personally refund your payment”.

Winston Scholsberg