Can You Tell a Simple Story?

Answer “Yes” and you’ll never have to worry about persuading someone to buy your product.

Instead, you’ll be in big demand, feeling confident and secure about your business; by attracting motivated buyers and people who want to work with you.


Dear reader,

For years now, I’ve been telling people you don’t have to be ‘a natural’ at sales.

On one hand, there are the people who seem to be born with a talent for persuading
others to purchase products or services. They seem confident and capable and always
manage to say just the right things. For a brief moment in time, I also thought you
either had ‘it’ or you didn’t.

Fortunately … Nothing could be further from the truth. Because on the
other hand, there are the people who found a way to learn how to sell anything.

I’m talking about the people that learned how to inspire, encourage and motivate
others by following a few simple steps.

These are the people who feel confident when speaking with others. Who make
a living by doing what they love, where selling isn’t an obstacle to overcome …
it’s a chance to tell a story and share their passion.

It’s not unusual for people like this to be pursued by prospects and potential
customers. Instead of chasing others; quite often they’re the ones receiving the
calls and emails.

Most of the time, you would think they were born that way, but more often
than not, they simply learned, over time how to say the right words confidently
to motivate potential customers into taking action.

The chances are you may know some of these people.

And my guess is you would like to learn how to do what they do.

Now you can.

In fact, I know you can. I’m living proof of it.

Before I fully understood this “secret little method,” I was struggling to make
a living as a musician … trying to persuade venue after venue to give my band a
chance to show what we were capable of. I was lucky if we were booked just a
couple times a week!

Now my schedule is booked solid with customers who want to work with me.
I left the professional music business to teach freelancers, self-employed
entrepreneurs and home business owners how to successfully sell their products
or services by telling stories.

I’ve Raised My Prices And My Phone Is Still Ringing

I have the luxury to turn down offers, so I can accept the jobs I want.

The only times I wake up early in the morning (when I feel like it), is when I decide
to meet my personal trainer in his gym across town, for a heavy all-or-nothing workout.
It’s not for everyone, but it gets my blood pumping and fills me with energy. After that
I start my day with a spring in my step and leisurely enjoy a relaxing breakfast.

Over time I’ve raised my prices, fully expecting that the phone would stop ringing —
but I’m still getting calls from customers or people who’ve been referred to me by others,
wanting to know if I’m willing to teach them my methods. In many ways it’s the opposite
of what I used to go through as an aspiring musician — always calling others to get a gig …
but now I’m the one receiving the calls.

But what surprises most people (and may surprise you, too) is how I get customers
like the CEO of a big company, managers, professional salesmen and -women and
even a colonel in the US Army (he has become general in the meantime).

I’ve worked with all sorts of people, each with their own unique skill set, background
and target audience. The result is always the same: the people who’ve learned this skill
are more confident, influential and successful in their professional and personal lives.
(Even though quite a few of them have absolutely no experience with this skill at all.)

Here’s the thing though …

You can learn the same skill that lets us get the customers we want and allows us
to increase our influence and negotiating power in any situation.

It’s a skill that — once you know it — will let you forget all the doom and gloom you
hear in the news these days.

You’ll be in constant demand.

It’s something you’ll take with you everywhere you go and be able to apply in
practically every situation. (Believe me, people will notice and be very intrigued
by your new level of confidence and charisma.)

Along the way, you’ll learn much about yourself, about influencing others, and
about the world around you.

A Chance to “Reinvent” Yourself

Martin SeijIt’s an opportunity to “reinvent” yourself … and learn about a financially valuable skill that will serve you whether you’re getting your foot in the door with an elevator pitch, negotiating a (higher) fee for a job, and everything in between.

What’s more, you can use this new skill in so many ways.

Use it to turn a hobby or personal passion into a fun and lucrative career. Use it to help others gather support for their cause. Use it to land great customers and well paying jobs.

Once you have this skill, the world will open itself for you.

It’s that powerful.

I know. I’m living proof of it. And so are the folks I’ve shared this unique
method of influencing others with … much like I’m about to do with you today.

So just what is this little skill I learned — the one that transformed me from
a drummer playing in over a dozen bands to make ends meet to a successful
speaker, trainer and entrepreneur?

I learned how to make sales and attract customers —
through storytelling.

I know that may surprise you …

But, as you’ll learn by reading on, storytelling is the oldest form of getting people
to do what you want — whether it’s hiring you to do a job, increasing your paycheck
or even securing a loan … (or convincing someone to pay you back — as a friend of
mine discovered after I taught him a simple storytelling technique.)

It’s a competitive world out there and you need every advantage you can get to rise
above the competition, to make sure that you’re the one who people call when they’re
looking for a solution.

It doesn’t matter what your story is, as long as you learn how to tell it right.
Thanks to what I like to call “selling by telling” I’ve landed jobs with companies and
organizations I never thought possible — for example, teaching these exact same
techniques to managers in several branches of a multinational bank … a 3-hour training
for which I charged more than $3,000 each time.

And it’s very easy to learn. Just a few simple steps … including one called the
“WES Talk”, which I’ll share with you in a minute. (Learn it and you’ll not only be
well on your way to increasing your influence — you’ll be a better speaker, period!)

If I can make this work, then so can you.

I’m short, bald and I don’t have a formal education … Yet, I regularly get hired
by companies to teach them storytelling and presentation techniques, even if
they’ve already worked with so called ‘professional’ speakers in the past.

Now, you don’t have to become a speaker or speaking instructor like me, because
you can apply the exact same steps and techniques in your area of expertise …

I’ll tell you all about how this process works in a moment, and show you why, if you’re
willing to learn the very basic secrets to using storytelling techniques to boost your
business, you too can get customers to call you in search of your business …

Is This for You?

Colonel Mark GilletteBut first, is this opportunity for you? That’s easy to know …

If you’re someone who prefers to not deal with people directly or don’t rely on phone or face-to-face communication with others to do business, you probably don’t need to learn how to increase your influence and impact through storytelling and public speaking techniques.

But if you’ve ever dreamt of what it would be like if you could confidently and easily attract new customers …

If you’ve always wanted to feel in control and sure of yourself when pitching your products or services, desired the confidence that comes from knowing you can inspire any audience into taking action (the action hiring you or buying your products), and actually want to enjoy the process of selling and bringing in new customers …

If you’ve thought about using video marketing to leverage your business and income but don’t feel confident or capable enough to tell your story in front of a camera…

If you’ve always had the feeling that people would be more likely to hire you or buy your products if you had just managed to bring your point across more effectively …

Then my hunch is that this opportunity is ideal for you.

It really is a chance to take control of how people react to you and what you say —
to feel and become confident in your ability to attract new customers and keep your
old ones. To have the security in knowing that you can communicate in such a way …
that makes people pay attention.

And let me make something very clear …

This is not some magical formula that will allow you to persuade anyone to do anything
you want. No matter what anyone tells you, that just doesn’t exist. It doesn’t have
anything to do with underhanded or sneaky ‘sales techniques’ … or a list of words
and phrases that guarantees success in any situation …

This is a very serious opportunity to learn a highly valuable and lucrative skill that —
once you know it — can put you in high demand by customers that actively want to
work with you … and are more than willing to pay you for your products/services.

Now I know that it may be hard for you to believe that you can increase your
income and attract more paying customers through storytelling
… and
that you can do so on your own terms … with your unique set of skills and experience.

But let me take it one step further …

You Don’t Even Need to Be a
“Professional Storyteller” to Be Successful.

Some of the best speakers and storytellers in the world have no formal speaking
background at all. I don’t … We just learned the steps and techniques that apply to influencing others through storytelling.

If you’ve always wanted to feel confident that your prospects are receptive to
your message, then rest assured knowing that you can increase your customer base
just by learning the few powerful secrets that make selling by telling successful.

In fact, if you’ll spend a few more minutes with me today, I’ll tell you everything you
need to know about this little known way of increasing your sales results … which
you can apply to your specific business and skill set … without having
any prior
experience related to speaking or sales.

But first, it’s high time I introduced myself …

Hard to Say Where I’d Be Today …

Winston ScholsbergMy name is Winston Scholsberg. I’d rather not
think about what my life would be like had I
not stumbled across this opportunity — much
like you’re about to do today.

Before I learned the secrets of storytelling for
business, I was in my 20’s, playing the drums
in 5 different bands, trying to get as many gigs as I could. I was living from
paycheck to paycheck and while I loved being a musician … I knew that something
needed to change if I wanted to live the high-income life I always dreamed off.

That’s when I received the phone call that literally changed my life — that led me to
learn the steps to becoming a master of influence … The same steps you can learn today.
I went from no money and an uncertain future to a highly paid entrepreneur and business owner.

Here’s what I mean …

Want to Attract More Customers? Tell a Story


Machiel MonnikhofIf I had to choose the most important lesson I’ve learned from giving over 6000 performances as a professional storyteller and teaching hundreds of people how to speak, sell and present confidently … It would be storytelling is one of the most effective tools for sales and acquisition … hands down.

As a drummer it was my ability to tell stories about my bands that got us booked at local bars and clubs.

But it wasn’t until I became a professional storyteller (thanks to that one fateful phone call) that I learned that storytelling is so effective for influencing others.

I still get calls from prospects that I gave my business card to years ago —because they remembered my stories …

Once you have this skill, it’s like you’ve been given an ‘all powerful’ influence dial. You can turn it to how high you want it to take you!

Let me explain to you how storytelling can be immensely useful as a business tool —
and why people always have been and always will be inspired into action by a well told story.

Everybody Has a Story to Tell …
But Not Everyone Knows How to Tell Their Story
with Impact … and Influence

You see, one of the keys to influencing others … Is getting them to influence themselves.

The moment you tell them what to do is the moment they raise walls of resistance.
Most of the time they’ll even do the opposite of what you want.
It’s reverse psychology 101.

But by telling them a story and captivating their attention …

You will be able to guide them to a place where they’re able to achieve their dreams
and goals —  and find a solution to their problems. But this time they’re the ones
coming to you, because they want the same results you illustrated with your story.

You let them convince themselves that what they see and hear,
is exactly what they need to succeed.

Storytelling has been used for motivating people to take action since people started
talking to each other.

Consider the politician who moves the masses with a passionate speech.
Or the coach who raises morale with an inspiring pep-talk. Or the preacher
who gives you goosebumps with an electrifying sermon. The list goes on …

They are actively guiding the way we feel by captivating our attention and emotions.

But the power of storytelling isn’t limited to these types of events. Storytelling
has been used for business purposes ever since people have been business owners.

When a story is told the right way … people listen. And when you know what you’re doing,
people will buy from you. Whether it’s real estate, investments, books, education,
electronic appliances or even cars. A good story will motivate people to take action.

It doesn’t matter what your market is. You just have to tell the story right.
But there’s a catch … and it’s the reason that most people fail at being influential.

It’s probably one of the reasons that you’re not selling as much of your product
or service as you would like … Politicians, leaders, preachers, and top notch storytellers,
speakers and sales people know this secret — and they guard it well…

This is where my storytelling techniques come in.

The Key to Successful Sales Pitches & Presentations

Sanne JonesI’m going to let you in on this well guarded secret. Once you understand this basic rule and know how to put it to good use, you will have an unfair advantage over your competition:

One of the most important principles of influencing others through communication is … that how you say something is more important than what you say.

Of course the words you use are important. Yet, in most situations there are other factors that exercise more influence. Confidence for one is hugely influential.
You may have the best product in the world, but if you can’t
speak about it confidently … you’re likely not going to sell very much.

Or you may be the perfect fit for a certain job but if you can’t present yourself
or your business with confidence … then you’re probably not going to get it.
As frustrating as it is, it’s not enough to say the right words. You have to say them
in the right way.

The good news is that you can learn how to deliver any message, pitch or presentation
with confidence. I’m talking about the type of confidence that actively draws people
towards you and gets them interested to know more.

Your prospects and potential customers will find you more irresistible
than ever
… Because your confidence implies quality and expertise. When you
learn how to speak with so much confidence that your prospects believe in you,
you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of influence.

You Don’t Have to Be Confident …
You Just Have to Appear Confident

What if you could appear confident and charismatic even if you didn’t feel that way?
The bad news is that true confidence comes from experience. It takes time to develop
and requires that you keep at it … The good news is that you can easily appear confident, even if you are feeling insecure.

The first thing I’ll teach you is how to use your non-verbal communication to create
the appearance of a professional speaker. Even if you feel like a nervous wreck on
the inside; on the outside your customer will see a self-assured and charismatic expert.

This works in any situation, from giving a once-in-a-lifetime pitch to applying for a job
with tons of competition.

You Can Get New Customers Through Telling Stories

Shane CharmOf course confidence is just one ingredient for this recipe of success. As you learn my speaking and presenting techniques, you’ll discover multiple tools that will allow
you to captivate your prospects — and position yourself as an expert and authority in their eyes.

Nobody likes the feeling of being sold to. Selling by telling lowers your prospects resistance level and gives them the feeling that they are making the decision to purchase your services. You can remove their most likely objections, get them emotionally involved and present them with a perfect solution to their problems.

All without pressuring them to make a choice.

People don’t buy a product … They buy the story.

If you want your potential customers to buy your services or products, tell them a story and they’ll be approaching you …

Discover the Same Techniques That Made It Happen for Me …
and Can Make It Happen for You, Too

You have a tremendous advantage over me … It took me more than 3000
performances as a professional storyteller to develop, hone and perfect
these techniques.

I’ve been in the business of speaking for over 15 years … experimenting, learning
and teaching the techniques that are proven to work. But you … You have the
chance to skip all of the trial and error and work directly with the proven and
tested techniques.

You can learn the same basic steps that I’ve taught to CEO’s and managers of
international companies; professional speakers and salesmen; inventors and
creators; and small business owners.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience or talent when it comes to speaking.
Many of my students started from scratch, just like I did. Now they’re using these
same techniques to increase their success in their personal and professional lives.

What’s important for you to know is that truly anyone can learn and apply
these techniques
. I originally created them as part of my charity work
with children. To this day I teach kids how to present themselves with pride
and confidence.

I also work extensively with schools and teachers to improve their communication
skills. I truly believe that if teachers would know how to engage their students, they
(the children) would do better in school.

I’ve also worked with underprivileged youth, whom often have concentration problems
and find it difficult to express themselves. My point is that if they can learn how to speak
with confidence and influence, then anybody can do it.

You can learn the same storytelling and speaking secrets that I, and some of the best speakers use everyday. Secrets that can take you from wherever you are today —
and give you the skills to speak with confidence, influence and the ability to attract
more new customers to your business.

Everything You Need to Know

Duncan MacDonaldYou will learn my best storytelling tools and strategies — and how to confidently present yourself and your business.

You will discover my storyteller’s secrets for influencing others and  you’ll be able to overcome any challenges you have in relation to speaking or successfully closing the sale.

You’ll receive unique insights and strategies that will set you apart from your competition and make you stand out.

This doesn’t just work when you are promoting your business: these same techniques can be applied to job interviews, even speeches or any time where you need your communication to provide results.

Fortunately, you get to skip the steep learning curve and get right to the desired results.

I’ll even teach you the winner’s mindset and how to set yourself up for success —
by detailing the steps to overcoming the adversity of being rejected. Believe me,
after getting rejected almost a thousand times and not giving up, I’ve learned
what works … and what doesn’t. 

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to work with me directly,
for free for 45 min.
I’ll help you give the best presentation, speech or pitch
of your life, free of charge.

But before I tell you I how I plan to put all of this incredible information within
your reach, let me explain how this chance has landed in your lap today.

I’ve heard it so many times …Winston, you’re so talented, I wish I could
speak and present like you.
” “But you can, you just have to learn how.
is my standard reply. I usually get the same answer:
No, it’s you, you either have it or you don’t”.

And that right there, is the biggest myth when it comes to public speaking with
impact, giving inspiring presentations, and pitches that sell. It’s true that some
people are naturally talented. These lucky few are somehow born with the natural
ability to sell or speak. But in most cases, great speakers are taught, not born.

You see, I got so tired of hearing that people either have it or don’t, that I decided
to prove that
anyone can learn how to be speak confidently with the results they seek.

The first thing I did was analyzing my own performances as storyteller. I needed to
figure out exactly what I was doing that worked so well. Thousands of performances
had transformed me into what others saw as a natural talent …. But, I knew better.

I knew that experience, trial and error had been my instructors, and I just needed to determine how to put all of this knowledge into practical and simple steps that anyone,
even a child could follow. I watched hours of my own performances, studying the
audience’s reactions to my efforts, and I analyzed every great speaker I had ever come
across — searching for their best and worst practices.

I discovered a dozen of techniques that seemed to truly impact all kinds of audiences. Whether it was a large crowd or small group, or even one on one. It didn’t seem to
matter if the audience was composed of adults or children, or a mix of the two. These techniques appeared to be universally effective in capturing attention and maximizing influence.

I knew I was on to something …

Marcel WentinkI went to work incorporating these techniques into a step-by-step program that even a child could follow. In order to be effective, it had to be easy to learn and it had to be fun. 

As I started teaching these techniques — first unofficially to test —  the process became more and more refined. Each time the steps became simpler to follow, yet, more powerful in their results. The techniques that survived have withstood every possible test and situation.

Before I launched this method officially, I had to be sure it was the best it could be.
I had to know without a doubt that anyone could follow the steps to becoming a better,
more confident speaker, regardless of previous experience, or lack thereof.

That was over 15 years ago. Since then I’ve taken this collection of successful speaking
secrets — and created The WES Method®: the ultimate “how to” training
method for effective public speaking, presenting, pitching and storytelling
— bringing them all together into 7 practical steps that literally anyone can apply.

In the meantime, I’ve worked with children and their teachers. Professional speakers
and salesmen, students and professors, CEO’s and managers of multinational
corporations and even stay-at-home moms and dads.

I’ve taught these techniques to recently graduated young men and women who wanted
to bring their A-game to job interviews and military officers who wanted to speak with
more leadership and impact. It doesn’t matter what you want to use this skill for; it’s
applicable to every situation.

Over the years, I’ve done exactly what I set out to do. I’ve proven that everyone is
capable of becoming a confident speaker that others admire and look up to. Some
of my students are happy to use these techniques in their personal lives.

Such as Maximillian who wrote me to say:

Maximillian Koster

Or Justin-Joël Martina, who wrote me to proudly report how much confidence
he’s gained giving presentations at school:

Justin-Joël Martina

Others have been using the same exact skill to get jobs or a pay raise. Such as
 who shared his story of how quickly he got a job after applying the steps:

Machiel Monnikhof.

But as excited as I get about these success stories, it’s the men and women who
use The WES Method® to grow their business that make me the most proud.

 For example, Iwan Marckmann who applies the WES Method techniques to his
speed-learning courses:

Iwan Marckmann.

And Francesca, who feels much more confident when she gives presentations for
her business partners and clients:


"The Best Public Speaking Course I’ve Ever Seen …"

Until recently, The WES Method® had one huge limitation …

You could only learn the steps and practice them by working with me directly.
You would either have to participate in one of the many group workshops I give
or receive personal coaching from me in my studio.

But all of that changed when one of my best students — the only person I’ve ever
certified as a WES Method® instructor — helped me create an online learning
environment. All of a sudden, The WES Method® became available to everyone
who wants to learn how to speak with purpose, results and impact from the comfort
of their own home.

Tibor van der Meer, an experienced salesman en marketer, who followed the online
course said: “This is the best public speaking course I’ve ever seen. It’s almost
hypnotizing … I’ve never seen anything like it

There has never been a higher necessity for professional speaking skills.
Opportunities are scarce and the competition is just around the corner —
trying to find ways to increase their profits and decrease yours …

Let me ask you a question. If a prospective customer comes across you and a
competitor of yours, whom is he going to do business with? Assuming you have
similar services and products, he will buy from whoever has the better story …

That’s why, if you’re looking to learn a powerful income-generation skill that will
last you a lifetime, The WES Method® will give you every opportunity to succeed
in this time of economic uncertainty.

      • Right off the bat, you’ll be eased into building an excellent foundation for your
        speaking skills. You’ll learn what influencing others is all about … what you’ll need to become a professional at ‘selling by telling’ … what the secrets are to confident body language and how to make powerful and memorable first impressions that will bring your prospects to you.
      • You’ll learn a practical and reliable system for appearing confident and charismatic — even if you feel like a nervous wreck on the inside … as well a master storyteller’s technique that instantly helps you to feel calm and relaxed, even if there’s a lot on the line.
      • You’ll learn how to charismatically begin any presentation or pitch and how to captivate your listener’s attention from the start … and a simple technique to build anticipation, making your listeners hang on your every word …
      • You’ll learn the 3-part structure of every successful story and pitch. Once you know it — and understand what each part must accomplish —it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks.
      • You’ll learn the secret to a powerful introduction — an opening so irresistible that your listeners will be wanting to buy what you’re selling after the first three minutes of your pitch.
      • You’ll learn the secret of the “Winner’s Mindset”. Use it consistently and you’ll feel unstoppable. This alone will boost your success rate as people can’t help but be attracted to confidence.
      • You’ll learn the “Leadership Skill Set” — a set of techniques for inspiring others into taking action and guiding them to your objectives — positioning yourself as an authority and expert in your field.
      • You’ll learn how to speak directly to your listener … and show that you truly understand and care about his or her worries, needs and wants. It’s amazing how many speakers fail to make an emotional and personal connection … and lose the deal.
      • You’ll learn how to read non-verbal communication — both your own and others’ — and gain unique insights into state of mind of your prospects. Once you know where their mind is at, you will become more effective in your persuasive efforts.
      • You will learn how to adapt your story, presentation or pitch to work for any audience at any time, so that you’ll always be able to deliver the best possible pitch with impact.
      • You’ll learn the secret to creating emotional triggers in your story that compels your listeners into identifying with you and your solutions.
      • You’ll learn how to create a powerful and lasting connection with your prospects on a deeper level by integrating the 6 basic human needs into your story. Do this right and your pitch will be almost impossible to resist.
      • You’ll learn a simple trick to starting every pitch or presentation flawlessly. (This little trick for creating a professional first impression never, ever fails!)
      • You’ll learn how to analyze other speaker’s communication and how to incorporate their winning strategies into your repertoire.
      • You’ll learn a simple technique to remove unwanted stammering or stuttering from your speech — even if you don’t know what you want to say yet — you’ll sound like an expert who knows what they’re talking about.

You will learn all of these and many more powerful storytelling secrets, speaking
techniques, and masterful insights into the art of persuasion … from a master
storyteller with decades of experience.

Remember when I told you that while some people are born as naturally talented
speakers and salesmen and -women, but that everyone can learn how to be just as
good if they follow the right steps?

Imagine what the possibilities would be like if you could speak just as well
(or even better)as the person whose skill you admire most …

A Training Environment Like No Other

Member Home

.As jam-packed with storytelling techniques as the program is, it’s just one aspect
of the your storyteller’s learning experience. The WES Method® will not teach
you what you must do to become more successful but it will also show you exactly how.

For instance, I’ve designed the training course to make it seem as if I’m working with
you directly, one on one. I will guide you through the steps and techniques as if I’m right there in the room with you. I will help you practice each step until it becomes second nature.

Not only will you be guided through the steps, you will be provided with example
video’s by myself and others so that you can see how a technique is applied with
success and without. You’ll be able to lean on the learning experiences of others
with the result that you will improve more quickly.

The power of The WES Method® is that all you have to do is follow along with
the instructions. There isn’t any complicated theory to understand or study …
No phrases or lines that you have to memorize. You just have to follow along with
the steps and let the newfound skills become part of your natural behavior.

On top of that you will have access to all of the live training webinars that go
beyond the instructional nature of the course. I’ll cover topics ranging from
negotiating a higher fee or salary to advanced state-management techniques where
you can learn how to bring yourself and your listeners into a desired emotional state.

There will also be chances to ask me any question related to speaking, selling and
storytelling during the live Q&A webinar training.

For a select few I will also be available for a customized 1-on-1 coaching over Skype. 

During this FREE 45 minute session I will give you practical, instantly useable tips and advice for your unique situation. Do you have a big presentation coming up? I’ll help you
ace it. Do you want to negotiate a higher salary or fee? I’ll teach what to say.

Are you applying for a job with a large number of competitors? I’ll show you how to
stand out from the crowd. (This option is available for the first 100 people who act fast.)

It’s all meant to do two things for you: 1) teach you how to become one of those
‘naturally’ talent speakers; and 2) help you to grow your business by attracting
more and better paying customers.

There’s No Hurry —
You Can Go Entirely At Your Own Pace

Collin de VriesNow I know this might sound like a lot to you. And it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by it all.

So you may be happy to learn that there’s a logical sequence to everything you do in  The Accelerated Course for Storytelling as a Business tool training  —  and that it can all be done entirely at your pace.

The initial part of the program teaches you the all-important foundation of confident speaking and how to look and sound like a professional, even if you’re just starting out.

Before you know it, you’re combining the storyteller techniques and integrating them
into your natural way of speaking. You just have to follow along with the practice sessions as often as you like, until you feel that you’re getting the hang of it.

You’ll be putting to practice the same techniques I use every single
day to attract new customers, negotiate higher fees and successfully
close deals.

Then you start learning the more advanced techniques, like being in full control of your
body language — how to stand, walk and move like a professional storyteller.

With that foundation in place, it’s just a matter of time until your business starts to grow.

In short, if you don’t become a better speaker or salesperson with all the resources we’ve
put in place for you, it’s only because along the line you've decided that selling by telling
isn’t for you. In fact, if you decide that The WES Method® isn’t your cup of tea, you won’t pay a dime for the program!

I’ll tell you all about our no-risk guarantee a little later …

After all, remember why this program exists: to help you get more customers.
And I want you to succeed. Because here’s a little secret …

I Succeed When You Succeed

I started teaching storytelling and public speaking to prove a point. To show the world
that ANYONE can learn how to become a better, more influential speaker, no matter
what their purpose may be. As you read above, some of my students have used these techniques to grow their business.

Others have used them to get hired for their dreams jobs or ace promotion interviews.
And others still have used these exact same steps to become better at sales. It doesn’t
matter what you want to use them for since you will be learning universally applicable
steps that will allow you to increase your level of influence.

Take Raoul Vertrouwd, who used his WES Method® training to make his
foundation of helping underprivileged youth more successful. He recently wrote us to say:

Raoul Vertrouwd

I receive similar stories every week. The bottom line is this. When you succeed,
The WES Method® succeeds. But no one benefits more than you. Particularly if
you’re at a point in your life where you’re just not happy with the job you’re in …
or if you have a business — the money you make … or if you wish you could sell more
of your products or services.

If that’s the case, I’d love to see you give The Accelerated Course for Storytelling
as a Business Tool
 training a try.

A Rich Man’s Best Advice


Betsy WinkWarren Buffet, one of the most successful investors of our time was recently asked what he considered to be the best investment anyone could make during
these difficult times.

His answer was fast and simple …

“The most important investment you can make, is in yourself.”

That could very well some of the best advice anyone has ever offered. If there were ever a time to master the art of persuasive communication, it’s now.

The global economy is just barely recovering from one of the worst financial crises we have ever seen. Consumer and business spending has been frighteningly low and many are struggling to survive.

In the past it used to be enough if you were good at what you did … business would follow.

But that doesn’t cut it anymore in this fast paced world, where there is more
competition than ever, in part thanks to the Internet. It seems as if many of
us are just fighting to keep our head above water, fighting over the scraps we find.

But today, you have the opportunity to rise above it all — and join a small group
of us who have taken our destiny into our own hands and use one of the most
useful skills anyone could have: the ability to influence others — selling by telling.

Because even now, a good story can make all the difference in convincing someone
to pay you well for your services or losing them to your undercutting competitors.

That’s why there has never been a better time to put your future squarely in your
own hands — and master a valuable skill that will forever be useful to you.

So What’s the cost of This Lifetime of Knowledge?

If the information in The Accelerated Course for Storytelling
as a Business Tool
 were available at any school or learning institution,
it would cost you many thousands of dollars. (It is not by the way).

While there are many public speaking or even storytelling courses out there, there
are none as effective or uniquely designed as The WES Method®, despite the
fact that they often do charge thousands of dollars.)

And for my personal training sessions, my standard fee is $500 per hour,
since my customers understand the immeasurable value of mastering their influence.

That is why most folks are surprised to discover that the actual cost of The Accelerated Course for Storytelling as a Business Tool is just €395 for everything you need to become a master of selling by telling.

Some of What You’ll Get

It includes your core program, which will take you on a step-by-step journey
through the storytelling process — from how to stand while demonstrating
confidence and authority … to delivering your pitch with impact and influence.

You’ll also have the full access to the Live Webinar Training Series where we will
tackle all of the advanced techniques and strategies for enhanced results —
from creating the Winner’s Mindset to inspirational Leadership skills …

And from negotiating higher fees or salaries to getting hired for projects
or your dream job.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions from within the membership site,
which I will answer during live webinars, so you can get your answers straight from the source.

You’ll have access to the demonstration video’s where you can learn by watching
me teach others — and you’ll be able to see how quickly the techniques can take effect.
When you follow along with the practice exercises (all from within the comfort of your
own home) you can experience the same results.

You’ll receive new and updated content as I create it with lifetime access to
every future expansion
. And believe me, I’m just getting started …

(This is only available for people who take advantage of this special offer,
as in the future new additions will be sold separately.)

But here’s why getting this program and learning this skill is such a “no-brainer”.

You are Protected by My Foolproof 60 Day Guarantee

There’s absolutely no risk to you. Take not 30, but 60 days to through
the training program and look it all over.

If you feel that the techniques didn’t work for you — or if you decide that
it’s just not for you — then you can refund your purchase and I’ll send you
your money back … no questions asked.

The Best €395 You’ll Ever Spend …

You know as well as I do that people spend $50,000 or more on a college degree
and struggle to find jobs or make sales. This is a real opportunity to learn a
marketable skill that can help you in every area of your life — and if it worked for me —
a man with no college education who’s teaching CEO’s, managers, entrepreneurs
and sales professionals how to speak with influence … then it can work for you too.

And you can now get started for a one-time payment that gives you lifetime access. 

So if you’re ready to rise above your current situation and economic frustration —
and choose to learn a skill that will serve you in everything you do …
getThe Accelerated Course for Storytelling as a Business Tool today.

Click here to Order Now!

Remember, there’s no risk — and if you stick with it, you may very well end up
becoming a master of influence and selling by telling.


Winston Scholsberg
Founder & Creator of The WES Method®

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P. S. If you’re interested, be sure to act fast as the FREE 45-minute personal
training session
will only be available to the first 100 action-takers. This ensures
that the people truly committed to their own success will receive the support they need.

P. P. S. I almost forgot. You’ll also gain full access my WES ‘Job Challenge’
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Over the process of 30 days I share a daily video with tips and
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Whether you’re self-employed or looking for a job, you will learn important information
that will help you on your journey of growing your business, your income and improving
your life. You will receive this special bonus when you order The Accelerated Course for Storytelling as a Business Tool today.

"I’m a yoga teacher, massage therapist and online service manager for wordpress websites. Communication has always been a big part of my life.

But it wasn’t until I came across the WES Method that I understood the many ways that I could improve my skills and get rid of my fear of speaking in public. I now realize that good communication opens doors and makes people listen.

At this moment I’m a substitute for a top level yoga teacher and imagine that you have to guide over a hundred new people that are all accustomed to somebody else.  I am completely relaxed and I know exactly what to say and how to say it, all thanks to the WES Method!"

- Jeanne Visser

"It’s so awesome that I can call myself a public speaker thanks to the WES Method. It’s been a long journey, but it’s been a great one. As a result I’ve been asked to speak for more than 200 women during several events dedicated to empowering women. To top all of that, in two months I will be speaking in London in front of my peers. It has been a life changing journey and thanks to the WES Method I’ll be able to successfully continue building my public speaking career."

- Sharon Goeman

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