Become a Public Speaking Architect

With the WES Method you become more than just a public speaking instructor - you become a storyteller and master of communication. Discover the secrets of interpreting non-verbal and verbal communication, how to captivate any audience, become more persuasive and make money by teaching others the WES Method. This unique comprehensive training program is fully customized to your experience and personality.

Why Become a WES Method Certified Trainer?

To receive a certification demands a robust understanding of the knowledge and specialized skills that are necessary to perform with a high degree of competence in the WES Method. Additional annual requirements for training or practice ensure currency of skill and knowledge of new developments in this field.

First is the validation of the trainer’s skills and knowledge. The case of The WES Method’s Certified Professional Trainers credential, provides that validation. Additionally The WES Method is working with a system whose accreditation processes follow the highest standards. For the trainer, WES’s The WES Method’s Certified Professional Trainers credential certification is professional milestone that carries weight and credibility among peers, clients, and organizational leaders.

For Who Is This Training?

The WES Method Certification program is for the (aspiring) professional speaker who wants to take his or her speaking skills to the highest possible level. During this instructor course, you will build up your skill as speaking professional. The focus will be on developing your abilities to teach public speaking skills to others.

This program is for anyone who desires to stand out from the crowd and excel on the stage.

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What You Will Learn

During this intense training program you will learn all of the techniques needed to excel in storytelling and public speaking including:

  • Observing & Analyzing Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication
  • Storytelling Secrets to Persuasion & Influence
  • How to Teach Anyone Public Speaking Skills
  • How to Earn an Income as a Professional Speaker

Jeshua Martina’s experience with WES Method certification.

By the time I met Winston I had already taken several different classes and courses on presenting and already had quite a bit of experience. But when I saw Winston on stage it made me feel like everything I had learned so far was just the tip of the iceberg.

I first saw him in action during an international 4 week seminar where he was one of the instructors. Every night after a full day of training a wide range of entrepreneurial skills he taught the group of 100 people from 9 different countries, representing almost every demographic how to become storytellers in English, a second or even third language for most them.

Winston noticed I was a quick learner and really enjoyed his style of teaching and I was fascinated by what I experienced so we decided to work together.

Anyone can Become a Great Speaker

It has always been Winston’s mission to prove that literally anyone can become a great speaker and now he wanted to take it a step further. He wanted to show that using the steps of the WES Method others can learn to teach the skills of effective and successful public speaking.

So we both rose up to the challenge and over a year I studied Winston’s every move. His approach was unique in that he taught me how to teach his techniques in a very structured way while simultaneously managing to have it fit with my personality.

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Comprehensive & Challenging Learning Experience

Winston loves to challenge his students. I soon learned to anticipate that my training was interactive even during the beginning phase. Where one moment I would be comfortable sitting in the back taking notes and observing, the next moment he would call me to the front without warning to teach one of the techniques.

The WES Method philosophy is that public speaking and presenting is just a part of a larger skill set. Our goal is not to help you become a better presenter but to help you master the skill of communication through the art of storytelling.

For this reason I had to give a storytelling performance to a class of 11 year old children. The reason behind this being that if you can entertain and teach children, you can easily manage adults. Little I did I know that this was the most difficult class of the school with 2 teachers recovering at home from burnout symptoms…

“It’s quite a rambunctious class and you’ll especially need to watch out for Terrence”

This is what the substitute teacher told me only moments before the class arrived from their break. I can still remember Winston’s devious smile when he told her: “Don’t tell him please, he needs to discover this for himself”.

What happened afterwards astounded the teacher as she had never ever seen the class so focused and quiet. Had she not seen it with her own two eyes, she would not have believed it.

You Either Have It Or You Don’t.. Wrong!

She immediately tried to find a reason. “It’s because you guys are professionals” she said. “Well,” said Winston, “I am but he’s not… yet.” We then explained how this was part of my training program and that I simply followed the steps and applied the tested techniques.

Like most people she was a bit skeptical at first because the general belief is that when it comes to public speaking you either have it or you don’t. As Winston and I now prove on a daily basis, this is just plain wrong.

To Be or Not To Be a WES Method Trainer

I wholeheartedly recommend becoming a certified WES Method trainer. It has filled my life with opportunities to work with inspiring people such as young professionals with big idea’s, entrepreneurs, teachers, and inventors. It has been my pleasure and passion to help them tell their amazing stories better and with more results.

Mastering communication is one of the most important things you can do for your professional development as it is no secret that confident well spoken people climb high on the ladder of success and there is no better way to master communication than to teach others the WES Method.