Jeshua Martina

Jeshua is the go-to guy for students, young professionals and amateur speakers who want to stand out in the crowd and bring their performance to the next level. His passion is teaching others how to be confident and persuasive.

Specialities & Experience


Although he has trained a wide range of men and women from all walks of life, his area of expertise is helping his students to overcome shyness and fear of speaking in public while learning how to speak with confidence.

Jeshua enjoys working with students, young professionals and the entrepreneurs of this generation because he feels mastering the art of storytelling and communication will exponentially improve their results in:

  • Presenting & Sharing Inspiring Ideas
  • Appearing & Feeling Confident
  • Coaching & Training


Jeshua started early graduating in the top 3 of the NLP Master Communicator course at age 15. Since then he's continued to hone his skills working as a clinical hypnotherapist, Performance Coach and Trainer in the WES Method.

He is the first ever certified WES Method trainer having trained with founder Winston Scholsberg for over a year. His curriculum included training experienced teachers, telling stories to grade school children and training a TED speaker.

He has worked with entrepreneurs, students, coaches, therapists, teachers, children and professional speakers from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the UK.

He is also the co-creator of the online Public Speaking Mastery training course.

Booking a Session

Personal Coaching through Skype

These sessions focus on improving personal effectiveness and the development of professional communication skills and are very practical and creative. You will be able to instantly put the results into practice. The training sessions can be done over Skype or live and are characterized by:

  • Attention to your Specific Speaking Needs
  • Simple Step by Step Instruction
  • Practical Tips & Strategies

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