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‘Everyone has a story to tell… but not everyone knows how to tell their story.”

The WES Method takes a unique approach to teaching public speaking skills. Our students are taught to excel in every situation despite an ever-changing speaking environment. The tools we offer provide our students with the 3 most important qualities a speaker must possess in order to be successful and effective.

We teach you how to tell your story with effect, results and confidence.

Storytelling as a Business Tool

While other schools of thought may present tools for use in specific situations such as presenting, speeches or toasts, we at the WES Method believe that these types of situations and other forms of public speaking are simply a function of a more comprehensive skill: storytelling.

Stories are being told to us on a daily basis. In it’s essence, even a picture tells a story. Movies, books, comedy, advertisements, television and all form of media employ the art of storytelling. Even when simply recounting the events of the day to another person, you are in fact telling a story.

The power of a well-told story is limitless. It has the ability to captivate our imagination, hold our attention and even influence our buying decisions.

Selling by Telling

Storytelling and persuasion are intertwined. The contents of a story may vary but the goal is ultimately always the same: to influence the other party in some way.

This is true especially in a professional capacity where telling the story right can be the deciding factor in whether or not you get the job, promotion, or close the deal.

As is widely known in the sales professions, people's buying decisions are emotionally triggered.

Storytelling has been used for ages as an effective selling technique. It inspires the target audience while disarming objections and creates a low pressure selling environment.

Our Approach - The 3 Qualities Every Speaker Should Have

The WES Method will teach you the techniques of the storyteller. This ensure that you won’t just have a method that helps in one specific situation. You’ll be able to excel in any situation that involves speaking.

We believe that in order to be successful a speaker needs to have mastered 3 qualities:

  1. Awareness of Desired Outcome - the speaker must know exactly what he or she intends to achieve.
  2. Awareness of Current Outcome - the speaker must be able to see how his or her message is being received as it happens and whether or not it is being received as intended.
  3. Ability to Adapt - the speaker must have the tools and flexibility to change the approach instantly to achieve the desired outcome. If something doesn’t work, adapt and try something else.

By following 7 simple steps that anyone can apply a student of the WES Method learns how to internalize the qualities mentioned above and apply the techniques of the master story teller.

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Learn How to Tell a Story and you’ll be a Better Speaker

While a public speaker may be successful in his or her area of business, a storyteller has the ability to adapt to every circumstance. He or she has learned how to cater to every audience and tell the story so that it has the desired effect.

By applying the techniques of the storyteller you improve your speaking skills for every situation. You’ll know how to tell and sell your story anytime at any place.

We believe that you can always get better at public speaking and presenting and we know how to make that happen. The WES provides a unique approach to becoming the best in the game.

We teach you how to influence your audience... how to captive their attention and how to speak purposefully. The WES Method is about speaking with results.

Whether it's a presentation, speech, toast, interview or a pitch - there's always a goal. We teach you how to reach that goal and how get better every single time. Regardless of your background, past experience, anxiety/stage fright, stuttering or previous training/education, the WES Method will improve your skills and abilities... or you get your money back.